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UPStealth® 2 UPS 1000W & 1500W Inverters (Top Left), PIM (Top Right), 

XRT Battery 3600Wh (Center and Right),

Battery Module 500W (Bottom Right),

Battery Panel 500W (Bottom Left)

The UPStealth 2 is the latest generation in ZincFive’s UPStealth series of nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). 

Key new capabilities include more compact and lightweight nickel-zinc battery designs, longer run times, extensive event logging and simplified user interface with the industry’s first Navigation Dial for UPS operation and configuration.  

The user interface also supports browser-based remote system management, email messaging and remote update capabilities.


For more information Contact: 

Jon J. Bondanella

V.P. of Engineering & ITS Sales


Robby Wignall

ITS Project Manager

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