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TS&T 2024- 2025  Schedule of events

*TS&T exhibiting at ITE Mid-Colonial show at the CATT Lab April 16th:  Roger Hale, Jon Bondanella (Radar, Lidar showcase)

* TS&T attending ITS America show in AZ April 22-25th:

Randy Dominick , Roger Hale, Patrick Dominick (Over 12 partners will be exhibiting)

*TS&T exhibiting at ITSVA show in Richmond May 9th: Patrick Dominick, Jon Bondanella, Randy Dominick (ITS Products)

*Topic: Next Generation Detection at the Intersection and AI

*Skull Session in Tidewater VA May 15th 11am-1pm

*Skull Session in Laurel MD May 22nd  11am-1pm 

*Skull Session at TS&T Offices May 23rd  11am-1pm

*TS&T will be hosting a lunch and Learn for ITS MD before Golf event in Maryland June 26th

*Vendor Showcase at TS&T offices Aug 28th 9am-3pm

*Skull Session in Tidewater VA Sept 18th, location TBD.

*Skull Session in Laurel, MD Sept 25th

*Skull Session in Manassas, VA Sept 26th

TS&T will be exhibiting at ITS MD annual meeting on Nov 22nd 

*For more information contact

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