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skull ses·sion

/skəl ˈseSHən/



plural noun: skull sessions

  1. a discussion or conference, especially to discuss policies, tactics, and maneuvers.

"the managers held skull sessions with their teams"

TS&T Definition:

Skull sessions foster mutual learning among participants of all experience levels, encouraging collaboration to exchange expertise, information, and data. This collective effort includes representatives from consultants, private sector, DOT’s, and large cities or municipalities. Emphasizing the significance of dedicating time to collaborative efforts, the goal is to work towards effective traffic solutions for the benefit of citizens on the roadways.


TS&T will host 3 sessions in the DMV region over a 3-week period, that is considered 1 Skull Session. One in MD, one in the tidewater area and one hosted at our offices in Manassas, VA.  Open invitation to attend one or all three sessions.  Each session will be 2 hours and lunch will be supplied to those who attend.  If you require continuing education certs, we will supply them to those who attend in person. All meetings will be in person, the best skull sessions are in person with a lot of interactions between all that attend so we can learn from each other and also make sure that we are looking at things from all perspectives. 


Our plan is to host 2 Skull Sessions in 2024, the first half and second half of the year. Dates and locations will be included on invitations and topics will be announced and promoted on TS&T channels leading up to each session.


We are very excited about bringing back Skull Sessions that were very popular prior to covid.

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