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TST Transport Services

TS&T uses the freight services of TST Transport Services to haul all of its traffic, lighting and ITS structures from Union Metal to our customer base in the Mid-Atlantic region.  This company is dedicated to providing industry leading customer service in the area of specialty long haul, open trailer freight.

Prior to 2007, our customers suffered from the same challenges that always present themselves when coordinating the delivery and unloading of structures that require heavy equipment.  Unreliable truck drivers that failed to meet their time commitments would result in idle time, lost revenue and frustrated contractors.   

TST Transport Serviceswas established in 2007 to solve this problem and change what had become an accepted level of poor customer service.  The company and drivers are committed to this relatively “niche” market.  They understand the products, know the customers, and provide an unparalleled level of communication.

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