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Anne Arundel County, MD




ITS, Traffic


ThruGreen, TraffiCalm, Pelco, Solar Traffic Controls


Anne Arundel County (Traffic, DPW)

The county was looking for a more reliable method to monitor cabinets in flash and the overall health of each cabinet. They are also looking to connect with cabinets not on current network. By using ThruGreen services they are getting more alerts in real time and can assist citizens who are having challenges at the intersections as well. Using the custom dashboard on a cell phone or computer allows them to see live intersections by phase, by detection zones and also see ped interactions. Having this will give them more information in real time to better manage existing components and also give them a view into more data from that cabinet and that intersection. By designing and implementing ThruGreen services we have now given them the data they require to be more responsive and allow them a better way to allocate resources.

Products Used: Cabinet Status, Remote Mgt. at intersection, Solar RRFP, Solar School Crossings Systems, Flasher Rings

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