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I-64 Southside / High Rise Bridge




ITS, Lighting, Traffic


Union Metal, CoStar HD, TSR, Moxa, Zinc Five, Image Sensing Systems, Pelco, Korman, GE, Southern Manufacturing


Virginia DOT

In 2016, the Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Board approved a $2.3 billion project that would eventually widen the corridor of I-64 that includes the bridge to eight lanes, and would replace the drawbridge with a 100 feet fixed span bridge, initially planned for 135 feet, as part of the I-64 Southside Widening Project. The current High Rise Bridge has a bridge lift for large marine traffic traveling through the area. The new bridge will have a 100ft vertical clearance without any bridge lifts so roadway traffic is not impacted by marine traffic. The new bridge will also increase capacity for a key evacuation route and provide an additional Express Lane in each direction. The project will tie into the I-64 Express Lanes.

Products Used: Steel Lighting Poles and Traffic Poles, DMS and CCTV Cabinets, Base Mount, Pole Custom Hub Cabinet (8 door), RISE Positioner Cameras, CCW Control Cabinets, Generator Communication/Telemetry Cabinets, Ethernet Switches, UPStealth 2 Battery Backup System (UPS), RTMS Sx-300 Microwave Vehicle Detector, Illuminated Street Name Signs, Signal Hardware, Back Plates, LED Signals and Signal Housings