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Council Rock TELiG E1500


Council Rock’s TELiG E1500 is a robust and full-featured product capable of supporting multiple services and multiple LTE configurations in a single box. The platform is disrupting the pedestrian and traffic industry by bringing innovative capabilities into smart, future-proof IoT solutions for critical safety infrastructure. Council Rock integrates the latest processing, wireless, and software trends onto a rich computing platform to ensure your network survives the test of performance, technology advancement, and multi-application support.

Council Rock_edited.png

Benefits of the Council Rock TELiG E1500

  • Single solution for Integration

  • Tailored to meet industry needs

  • Automatic Failover & Redundancy

  • CAT-M or NB IoT Available

  • Unified Private Networks

  • Dual Sim Cards with Automatic Fallover

  • Dual Internal Modems for Redundancy

Stay tuned for our upcoming unboxing of the Council Rock TELiG E1500

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