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The Pelco Intellicross system provides a superior solution to pedestrian safety.  It is efficient, affordable and easy to install and configure in cities and towns everywhere.

Top 4 reasons to invest in the Pelco Intellicross system:

1.Pelco’s patented power line communications allows for cities and towns to program the entire intersection by using the current pedestrian signal wiring for communication to buttons  without a central controller in the cabinet.

2.The Intellicross system can brief you of the status of your system components for maximum performance and maintenance scheduling.

3.If a replacement is indicated, there is no need for a PC to enable the button operation.

4. Pelco's Intellicross System is fully functional with all of the latest advanced features without having to run wires from the controller cabinet. 

Ask TS&T for more details on their products and how you can build your own Intellicross System

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